Our products and services are specially designed for the industry of the harness manufacturing sector.

Electric holders

Optional Features:

  • Continuity test.
  • Vaccum test.
  • Presence (Clip, bracket, clamp).
  • Detection: Rubber, padlock, back Shell, CPA, padlock close.
  • Can be for fuse box or relays.
  • Poka Yoke.

Mechanical holders

Optional Features:

  • Optional Clamp.
  • Pull to Seat.
  • Revolver type.

Electro Pneumatic Modules

Optional Features:

  • Pull System
  • Push Out
  • Continuity.
  • Hybrid clamp.
  • Watertightness.
  • Stamper.
  • Hipot test.

Assembly, Electric  and Dimensional test boards


  • Optional integrated modules.
  • Dynalab tester integration.
  • NXView software for better interface.

Rotary and automation systems.


  • Mobile board.
  • Board with fittings.
  • Optional display monitor (for PDF visual help).

Tubular modular.


  • Tubular modular solutions.
  • Racks, work stations, carts, etc.
  • Specific client requirements.

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